I’m so happy and excited to see you here. And I’m proud of you, too! I know it isn’t easy to invite a stranger into your life and share your problems and emotions with them.

That’s why I want to make sure we are the right fit for each other. If, for any reason, I think I cannot be of help to you I'll do my utmost to point you in the right direction of someone that can.

We will run our sessions on Zoom or Skype. Don't worry if you’re not savvy on the technology side. I can help with the setting the process up.

Other than the first FREE Discovery Call (30 Minutes),  my coaching sessions are for 60 Minutes. 

Want to get to know me better first?


How good will it feel knowing you have all that impartial emotional support at your disposal, start-to-finish through your relocation process?

Well, here are some clues:

  • You will feel less stressed, more positive and in control.

  • I will equip you with the knowledge about dealing with change, culture shock and homesickness.

  • You will have clear goals to work towards.

  • You will have unlimited email support during each package duration (yes I do not keep track of how many we send to each other!!).

Let me assist you today with your Relocation Challenges!

I hear you saying "Kate, if I hire you as a Relocation Coach, what can you help me with?"

  • I will help you make new friends and build a social support network (especially as adults this can be really tough). I have simple strategies to share with you how we can save your time and make this easier for you. Find your people!
  • I will help you develop a brand new routine. 
  • I will assist you with coping with Culture Shock and help you to overcome it.
  • I will help you with the decision process throughout relocating. 
  • I will assist you If you feel like you have lost yourself - the dreaded loss of identity and confidence (this can be nasty and can hit at anytime when living away from your support network).
  • I will help you minimise homesickness (this can be just as rough as seasickness).
  • I will help you brainstorm new career options or maybe new business opportunities. 
  • These challenges seem very familar to me and I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL, I’ve been in your shoes many times and more importantly I CAN help you as I have overcome many of these challenges. 


Ready to tackle your relocation worries contact me today? 



I'm passionate about helping other women push themselves to their full potential. 

If we work together here is what you can expect:

To help you gain clarity:

As soon as I get to know you and your circumstances a little, we will work on:

  • Establishing the main problems you have with your relocation.

  • Figure out the ways to overcome them.

  • Creating an action plan and setting your goals.

To help you feel confident:

Confidence comes from your personal experiences, but I will

  • encourage you to take risks and overcome obstacles;

  • provide impartial emotional support you every step of the way;

  • give you loads of proven hacks and tips to get you where you want to be asap.

To save you time - (this is a big one!) 

There is no greater asset in the whole wide world than time. By helping you to get the grips with your new surroundings, guiding you towards overcoming issues you face in your new environment, I would in reality be saving you time.

Let’s be honest here - you CAN do it on your own. You were courageous enough to take the leap, move and you will get where you want to be on your own.

But when? How long it will take? I for one, would have liked if there was someone to give me a hand when I were to start my life from scratch! 


How you can work with me?

Package Information

My packages are based on the amount of sessions you require, wherever you are on your relocation journey. 

I can work with you throughout all of your relocation planning stages and into your settling in phase. 

We can discuss the best package for you during our initial call. 

The options are vast and that is one thing I love to offer you is flexiblity with my packages. 

All Coaching Sessions are 60 minute duration which take place online via Skype/Zoom or on the telephone.  

I understand your journey is unique and individual, therefore I tailor your package to your needs.





Let's Recap, this is what you’ll gain from our coaching sessions together:

  • You will feel more in tuned to what's important to you and be able to decide easier.

  • You will feel more clarity about where you are heading and be able to weigh up your options.  

  • You will have an action plan on how to meet your clear goals.

  • You will feel more confident in making changes happen.

  • You will have the skills to help you overcome adaptation problems.



I think of myself as an all-rounder and class myself as a life coach, mentor and an awareness trainer. As such, your wellbeing is my no. 1 priority. I chose this profession because I am an altruist and passionate about helping people to reach their full potential. So if for whatever reason and at any moment of our cooperation I estimate you need more in dept help than I can offer I will refer you to the relevant sources. For I am not acting in the capacity of a trained therapist, counsellor or psychologist.

Before you undertake any package, you will complete an assignment to prepare before our first meeting and we will have a chat so I can learn more about you. This is important for both our benefits to ensure that we are a good working fit! Please feel free to shoot me an email if you have questions.