Leaders become great, not because of their power but because of their ability to empower others
— John Maxwell

You need that final touch to wow that incredible overseas expert to come work for you?

Do you often find your employees distracted and worried when they move?

Don’t you just hate seeing your team members unmotivated and homesick when at work?

A relocation coach (like moi) will help your employees deal with all the issues relocation brings fast and effectively so they can focus on their job and your business.

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Relocation goes far beyond the physical move. People who move juggle a lot of emotional issues:

  • Practical decisions,

  • Feelings of insecurity and overwhelm

  • Fears of the unknown,

  • Cultural shock,

  • Lack of support from friends and family,

  • Homesickness

This was to name a few (there are many more!)

And the same applies to engineers, CEOs and the diplomats. Because, well, they are all human. These problems can easily undermine their performance, affect the business agendas and slow down projects.

Hiring a professional relocation coach can dramatically speed up the process of settling in and adjusting to a new environment and circumstances.



I am Kate Reynolds and a Professional Life Coach, Certified Cyber Therapist (I trained with the Online Therapy Institute) and an NLP practitioner. Also, I have an extensive corporate working history.  I will support your employees and get them on track by helping them with:

  • Relocation Planning,

  • Emotional Support,

  • Setting the SMART “thrive in the new environment” goals,

  • Deal with both the stress and practical relocation difficulties.

And YOU get to tell your superior or the board of directors that: “everything is going according to the plan.”

Include the service of having Kate Reynolds, a Relocation Coach into the irresistible offer you present to your workers.