Why I'm here and what's it all about?

Hi Everyone,

I've been thinking about starting my own business and blogging for a while now, but it is now time to get that pen to paper and get out there, as they say. This first blog is a little bit about me, how I got here and what you can look forward to in my following blogs. 

When I first relocated I had never felt such an abundance of overwhelming emotions. In my opinion one of the biggest adventures you can do in your life is leave your whole support network behind and move to somewhere totally new! Several moves later that emotion is always there and the new country/experience is always different. 

My personality type loves to deal with any problems, one by one and then move on to the next. That soon changed the day I moved to Qatar! It was like practical problems were lining up and all been thrown at me, all at once. For example, sorting your accommodation out, sorting your banking out, and even down to sorting your work security pass out! Relocating is not just about perhaps starting a new job... it really is starting a new life! But what about dealing with the emotional side of moving across the world or country, possibly on your own!? 


During my expat adventure in Qatar I met some amazing people that I can truly call great life long friends (I even married one of them). It was honestly one of the best times of my life, up until now. However, when I first moved overseas I remember trying to make such a good impression with new work colleagues, that I felt it was very difficult to discuss emotions with people I had just met! On the other hand or should I say the other side of the world are the lovely family and friends that you have just left behind to start the new international adventure. I could not contact them and say 'what I have done?' They would be telling me to get me on the first flight out of there and get home! 

Looking back I wish that I had someone impartial to vent to and help me emotionally when in a strange culture/environment and during the roller coaster of relocating. Talking about your feelings and having someone who truly understands where you’re at can make the difference between your positive or negative experience. 

I want to be your coach, your hand holder, that confidential support person to help YOU, if you are deciding on a move , already made the move or several years down the line on your journey. 

So if you're reading this, thinking that I might be able to help you then please get in touch! 


My latest move to Australia has been a different adventure, within a month of arriving I found out I was pregnant (first baby) which had happened a bit quicker than expected. Not only was I dealing with settling in a new country but I was also about to embark on the biggest job ever, having a baby overseas! My pregnancy turned out to be complicated and I was very lucky to give birth to a gorgeous baby boy last year. He was premature but now steaming ahead. Motherhood is challenging without the additional challenge of being away from friends/family. I want to bring this experience and helpful tips into my future blogs.

I would love to assist you on your relocation journey. 

Contact me today to book your FREE 30 minutes discovery call now!  

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