How to Learn a New Language Quickly

Learning a foreign language is one of those things that is always on the to-do list, whether you're an avid traveller or not. 
Learning a new language opens up a new conversation with millions of people around the world. It is not only a fantastic addition to any job resume but also quite the personal success. 

There are several ways to learn a new language. So whether you enjoy the challenge of Mandarin or adore the romance of French, or you want to get in touch with your Spanish roots, here are the sure-fire ways to learn a language quickly.

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#1. Learn From The Native Speakers!

If you have already made a move to your new country, there is no better way to learn the language than to surround yourself with native speakers.  
You don’t have to be best friends with locals to speak to them. Many locals will be happy to help you to enhance your language skills. Plus, speaking with a native speaker does wonders for your fluency. 
You can easily spend a minimum of half an hour a day using your language skills. 

#2. Buddy Programs

One way to learn a foreign language and a great addition to any language program is to have lessons with an international buddy. 
You and your buddy can then decide to be meeting a few times a week or, even meeting online and exchange lessons as well as practice conversation.
Having a language buddy works well because not only is it free, but also gives it a more personal and casual approach to learning a foreign language. 
It is also beneficial as you'll quickly pick up and learn accents, nuances, and slang especially if you're talking with someone who speaks the language as their mother tongue, rather than listening to an instructor who might be teaching the often out-dated language or reading from a textbook. 
Not to mention in addition to all that you will be making a new friend! 

#3. Surround yourself with the language as much as you can and use technology! 

The world of technology has made it easier to learn a new language. There are many language apps and podcasts available that can make it easier to learn a new language on the go! 
Many of these apps are free as well (bonus), and you can listen while even out for a walk, or driving. 
Surrounding yourself with the language can help you to pick up words quicker! 


I wanted to end today's blog on a final note, learning a new language is hard, and it takes time and commitment. 

I know many professionals that have created a goal to learn a new language and unfortunately have not seen it through. One of the reasons for this lack of accountability. 
Coaching can contribute towards you achieving your goal of learning a new language by providing that much-needed encouragement, accountability and support. Interested?

Contact me today to organise your free 30 minutes discovery call to see how I can help you stay on track with your goals. 

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