3 Easy Ways To Find A New Job In Your New Location

The saying “It isn’t what you know but who you know” rings true anywhere in the world, and can certainly help you get that dream job when you move. Online platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and even Pinterest indeed offer excellent opportunities to grow your network, position yourself in your industry, connect with potential employers and apply for available vacancies. You can also start making the connections before you make your move! 

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Here are three ways you can use both online and ‘real life' connections to your advantage to live and work anywhere in the world. Plus, I provide a couple of extra tips at the end! 

#1. Make Connections

It may sound obvious, but if you are actively are searching for a job, or devising ways of moving your business abroad or merely starting a new life elsewhere, the best way to achieve this is by connecting with as many professionals in that industry or country as possible.  The best way is to connect directly with them from their social media profile or directly email them and introduce yourself. If you link directly from a person’s profile, you’ll be able to read their profile and decide if they are a good fit. You can even call and make an appointment to see them face to face when you land in the country. 

#2. Publicise Your Expertise, Knowledge And Passion

A great way to promote your expertise on social media is to add your knowledge on your social media page(s). Add links to your website or portfolio, or directly add your blog posts, and articles. You can exhibit a creative collection or share your presentations via Slide Share. Remember, this is your opportunity to shine so make it count!
Be sure that the information you share about yourself is relevant to your job search. 
You can also promote your expertise by lending a hand and contributing to discussions within your connections or on one of the groups you joined on social media.
The internet indeed has opened a world of possibilities and opportunities for your new life.



#3. Sharpen Your Language Skills

Whether you are interested in moving to Rio de Janeiro or Kenya, an excellent place to start is by learning the local language. This way you can begin building a marketable skill that will give you an edge when applying for jobs in the country you intend to move too. Language skills are essential more so if you want to plunge into a business-related field where you will be required to conduct meetings in the local language.

I struggled to make this just three ways!

I want to mention another couple of essential tips while we're discussing this subject of locating jobs in your new location. 

Volunteering is also an excellent way to venture into a new career area. Moving may present you with the opportunity that you want to make a fresh start in a new career industry. Volunteering can help you experience that industry, and I know of successful cases where people have become full-time employees from volunteering. 

Finally, and more importantly, before making your move, if you're hoping to venture into the same field/position, check that your qualifications are acceptable in your new country or even state
Again, this comes down to "presuming" that if you're qualified to do the job in one place, you will be another. 
Unfortunately, it does not always happen that way. Research, research and more research. Ask the questions to the right people. It can be a massive shock if you move and then realise you're not qualified, which could lead to more expensive studying again. 


If you're struggling to find a job, and you're overwhelmed with all the options and feel that working with a coach, may help you see through the fog and help you achieve your dream job then please contact me today for a FREE 30 minutes, no obligation, discovery coaching call. 

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