4 Ways To Survive The Post “Move” Blues

You’ve just embarked on one of the most exciting adventures of your life – leaving behind the community you know and stepping into uncharted waters. Scary thought when you think of it like that! 

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You're going to meet new people, see new places and faces and make new memories. Perhaps you have an exciting career waiting for you on the other side of relocation.

So why do you feel stressed, anxious, or even frightened? You probably feel guilty knowing you have so much to be grateful for, but yet you're still complaining, right? You may be having a heart-wrenching ache that borders on depression. 

Most people have experienced post “moving” blues in one way or another. Many people feel anxious, stressed, and sad after they move, especially if they have relocated due to stressful situations like a death in the family or a lost job, lost their home due to a disaster, or even divorce that often cuts you off from your support system. The list can be endless.

Sometimes it is just a case of culture shock in a new community leaving you feeling uncomfortable among the unfamiliar. 

Here’s the thing though, no one expects you to adjust to your new life instantly. 


Here are a few tried and tested ways to overcome the blues and regain your joy:

#1. Regularly Communicate with your Family and Friends

You might not be physically close to your family and friends, but that doesn’t mean you have to cut them off from communication.
They are still family and at your worst (or best) will always be there for you. 
After all, they want you to adjust and be happy. Chances are your relocation also saddens them so they will also be gaining from your communication with them. They’ll tell you about the happy things that have happened in their lives, and they’ll want to hear the same thing from you. So keeping in touch is a two-pronged therapeutic approach.  
Saying that It's also essential to have a balance between communicating with your old life (friends and family) and spending time creating your new circle! 

#2. Create A Familiar Environment

Begin unpacking as soon as you land (ok, maybe after a good sleep!). I know this is easier said than done, but the longer you wait to create a home, the more susceptible you are to the relocation blues. Start by creating a familiar environment in the room you wake-up in to start your day. Plants and pictures are also a winner for me! 
Playing familiar music around your place is also an excellent way of battling the relocation blues. 

#3. Re-Create (Re-invent!) Your Routine

Now you're going to hear me talk about this topic a lot!! In fact, this is my one of my favourite parts of working with my clients; I love assisting clients in creating a brand new routine, routines that work. 
Routine surrounds you with the familiar and helps you feel more centred. It assures your brain that you haven’t landed on a strange planet. If possible, include parts of your old routine when you can from running or jogging at the same time you did every morning or evening, running errands on weekends and so on. 



#4. Find a Way to Meet New People

Nothing supersedes human interaction. Start building your new support systems by seeking groups with similar hobbies or interests as you. Join a church congregation, a fitness class, a club or some other organisation. Great friendships evolve from these groups.  Be friendly to neighbours and say hello to farmer John down the road and people at the local coffee shop! 

Lasting note! 

You're not alone! Coaching can help you through your relocation transition and more importantly get you out of the post move blues! You don't have to struggle to create your new social circle, establish your new routine and so much more. I bring you unlimited external support, bags of encouragement and hold you accountable to your new goals! 

Contact me today to book your FREE 30-minute discovery call. 

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