How to get used to the new climate in your new location?

Moving to a different part of the world, even the same country, be it for work, relationship – to take it to the next level, whatever the reason, can be an exciting yet a daunting opportunity. 

Depending on your destination, there are things that you will need to adjust to, key among them, the new climate. 

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With adequate research and prior-preparation before making your new move, adjusting to a new climate will become less complicated and nerve-racking. 

Consider these few tips to help with acclimatising to the weather when you arrive.:

Do Your Research

Research is a vital ingredient to a successful relocation. You may have visited your new home during the high peak season, so you will have only experienced the best weather that it had to offer. 
However, this may not be the actual reality on the ground, as in other seasons there may be times when winds bluster, temperatures plummet and snow falls! 

Long before you get your plane ticket to your new destination, do even a Google search to know and be sure what temperatures you can expect year-round. This will not only prepare your mind to cope with what to expect but also help determine appropriate outfits and accessories to pack.  

One important factor to take note of is the word "humidity"! Yes, this can be so important, temperatures and the humidity level are two different things. Make sure you do your research, speak to people who live there! 

Take It In Your Stride

Regardless of whether you are moving to a hotter or colder place than you are used to, don’t expect to get used to it straight away. 

Give yourself some time to acquaint yourself with the weather conditions and keep gauging how to deal with it. See whether you can continue with your usual outdoor workout routine or if it is just too hot or cold to maintain; how long you can safely stay out in the sun without burning your skin; the best hours during the day to run your errands, and so forth. 

These, however, are things you can only learn with time, long after you have arrived, and no amount of googling prior can help you here. I'm talking from experience!! The word patience is creeping in again! 



Take it as a learning process and have fun with it, trying to figure it out at your own pace. A great tip is to have items that may come in handy depending on which extreme side of the weather you may find yourself in e.g. sunscreen, gloves and water.

Appointment With Your Doctor

Before you leave, be sure to visit your doctor, as some countries may require compulsory immunisations. But even if vaccinations are not necessary, your doctor may still suggest other ways to stay healthy and cope with extreme weather. This is especially important if you have elderly person(s) or young children there with you, as they may likely find it harder to adapt to extreme temperatures. There’s no harm in seeing your doctor who can suggest some smooth transition tips when it comes to the climate. 
Getting acclimatised should be one of the fun parts of your move. 

Before you know it, you will find that you are settled in, and living large within no time.

If you're struggling settling into your new location. Don't struggle alone!! Have you considered coaching? Interested? Get in touch with me today to find out more! 

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