How to survive without your home comforts?

This heading alone may have sent shivers down your spine. For most people the mere thought of surviving without home comforts is unfathomable. Trust me, I'm writing from experience! 


From your favourite tea bags, your favourite brand of juice, slippers, favourite brand of toiletries, to that snuggly duvet, there are home comforts we can't do without. It’s just human nature to crave something that you’ve been used to for so long. I always hunt out Tetley Teabags wherever I go! 

Here are a few examples and how to cope without them.

Everything You Can Ever Miss

Yes, you will no doubt miss everything.  Of course, the best thing to do would be to carry everything you would miss (including your parents) if the measly luggage allowance did not apply. 
Best advice pack light, pack a year’s supply of essentials that you are sure not to get there, that you literally can not survive without. You can always restock online later.

The world of online shopping is making more of home comforts still within reach wherever we are in the world! 

Or you can learn to use what is available to you at your place of relocation. You may be surprised at how effective the local brands are, just like your favourite brand.
I'm talking from experience here. I have my home comforts, but especially in Australia, I have learnt to buy and use great alternatives. 



Let's talk family

You will miss your family, terribly! People decide to move as individuals or as a family to better their lives, but it can get challenging to leave everyone behind. 
If you are lucky, you may get the chance to move with your immediate family, yet still, you will miss your parents and siblings. To cope with this situation, you can stay in contact with them, phoning them or video call them whenever you want to. No one will (should) judge you for calling your mum and howling incoherently, before talking about the fantastic weather overseas. A good cry can make everything better.

Brace Yourself For Major Learning Curves 

You will miss not knowing what to do! You will become clueless Carol! Moving to a new country almost always means learning everything again. Even if your country of origin and your new home have things in common like fast food restaurants, coffee, healthcare system, banking, car insurance, and schools. You will shortly discover how very different systems can be. 
So brace yourself for some major learning curves and adjust as you work out new routines and how things work.

Let's talk about food

Sometimes it all boils down to food! In a foreign land, the food may just not hit the spot. The chocolate may be too grainy, the bread too sweet and most often you may need someone to point you in the direction of good apple and blackcurrant squash. It’s not like moving down the road where you can still find a Tesco or KFC in every town! There’s no working around this. However, one top tip is to keep shopping around for suitable alternatives. You might even surprise yourself that you'll find new great products in your new country!!  Hopefully, one year down and you will be loving life and be doing fantastic in your new surroundings if you choose to stay positive. After all, when you go to Rome, you do what the Romans do! 

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