How to look after yourself during the relocation process?

Now, you may be up to your eyes in moving boxes, whether you are packing for your move or have just arrived in your new location. However, I've decided to write this blog as I think it is essential to look after yourself and maintain a self-care routine during the whole relocation process. 

You're probably going to be a lot more stressed than usual as you make your way through the moving transition. You may be feeling physically and mentally exhausted by the time the "settling in phase" comes around.

I honestly can say, that with every move I have made I have felt stressed at some point. It is possible to feel overwhelmed, with so many emotions going through your mind. All of this can take your positive energy away. Therefore, it is crucial that you take the time to recharge your batteries, so you’re ready and fighting fit for the next day!

 Here are three ways to look after yourself throughout the relocating process: 


It's never easy to find the time for exercise during a busy relocating schedule, however, even squeezing in short walks can be beneficial for you, plus it is fantastic for your mindset.

Also, it gives you time to think while you're walking! The other advantage of walking is, if you have just arrived at your new location there is no better way to check-out your neighbourhood than being on foot! 

Also, it may be an option to block out 15 minutes per day that is just for you, even if allows you to read a few pages of your favourite book! Your time! 




Sleeping, yes I know you probably think there is not going to be much time for that, but it's imperative that you take the time to rest well – physically and mentally during the planning stage and when you have just arrived in your new location. 

If when you go to bed, you have too much on your mind, I suggest writing these thoughts down, create a to-do list for the next day or start journaling your thoughts. Having a clearer mind can encourage a better night's sleep. 




One final and an essential tip is to watch your eating habits throughout the relocation process.

I understand you may not have the time to sit and have a relaxing dinner every night, however, if you have takeaways etc., try to choose healthier options. 

Check in with yourself and listen to what your body is telling you. I have made several moves in my life and each time I've had to have a strong word with myself because if I'm not functioning correctly and I'm not looking after myself, everything else seems to go wrong. 

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