5 Easy Tips To Help You Settle Into a New Location

People move for many reasons, either work or just seeking a new start. However, whether you’re moving to a new City or overseas with very little knowledge of the area and few friends, settling in can be a bit (or a lot) nerve-racking. 

Here are some things you can do to get acquainted with your new surroundings and help you get on your feet quickly. 

#1. Pin Down The Obvious

Well, the obvious may not be so apparent to you, so here goes. Check out the local supermarket store, the local chemist, the best places to eat, grab a coffee or see movies, or whatever else you need. Without these, at your fingertips, the new location can quickly become overwhelming. An excellent place to start is Google Maps or City Search. There is a reason why they work so well. Just hit up one of those sites and look at reviews of nearby spots whenever you want to grab a cup of coffee or some lunch. Then go out and experience it – nothing beats that! Before you know it, you will have your list of top five places for everything.



Still feeling unsettled? Let’s keep going…

#2. Ask Real People

Of course, nothing beats human interaction, even chatting to the server at the coffee shop. Chances are you may know one or two people that live, or have lived in the town to which you’ve moved.  Call them, go out to lunch with them, or just email back and forth to get pointers. They are a great resource to educate you on which are the good spots to eat, which parts of town to stay clear or how bad the traffic really is at rush hour?  Another point to remember, been new to an area is automatically a conversation starter with locals. 




#3. Engage Your Hobbies

You’ll be amazed at how seeking people with similar interests as you can quickly build new and amazing friends and acquaintances. So go on out and get among the activities you love!  
Believe it or not, even getting involved with your new community service and other local organisations is a great place to start.  There’s bound to be a group dedicated to one of your interests from dancing, netball, playing squash, even if it’s something you haven’t done for years. 
Seeking them out is a great way to get out and meet like-minded, super friendly people. In any case you’ve got nothing to lose as it beats sitting at home watching Netflix all day. 

#4. Accept Invitations To Meet

You’re pretty lucky if you already have a friend or two in town. Use that to your advantage! You don’t have to be best friends with them, just show up when invited. Who knows you might even strike a better friendship with their friends. Keep doing it even after the first meeting; as the more you hang out with people, the more likely you are to become friends with them.  After all, you are in no position to be picky at this point. 

#5. Stay Positive

After all has been said, and most importantly done, don’t stress over it. As much as you put yourself out there, you’re still likely to have some time to yourself at home, and that’s okay. Enjoy that relaxation time too.  Stay positive, and with time things will unfold naturally and you will have your own little routine. 

If you’re struggling to grow that support network that you deserve, or generally struggling with settling into your new surroundings, I offer Relocation Coaching that supports you through the transition of moving and settling into a brand new place. 
You do not have to act on all the above points alone! I can provide you with external support, offer encouragement when needed, and hold you accountable to the action plan we create together. It’s time to start building the life you deserve.

I would love to assist you on your relocation journey

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