3 Simple Ways To Make Your New Home Feel Homey

Life is not meant to stay in one place. Change is an essential part of life!

However, accepting change is often easier said than done, especially when it comes to moving. Moving can be stressful and involve a lot of hard work, but the hardest adjustment for many people is how foreign and different a new house can seem. 

Check out the following simple ways to feel welcome and at home in your new abode.

#1  Use The Same Decorations (In The Same Spots)

Moving can often feel like a total upheaval, and it can be tempting when you arrive in your new house to start buying all new decorations or even to take your old decorations and distribute them randomly so you can sit down and relax.

But doing this can make adjusting to your new environment even harder. Not only are you in an entirely new place, but you’re also not getting the same homey vibe you once got in your previous home. Why? Because there’s nothing familiar about your new environment!

Maybe you don’t have your comfortable side table next to the sofa where you used to stack your books, or you miss the antique painting of a fruit basket that once hung in your kitchen, which never failed to remind you to eat an apple.



When you’re already in a brand-new, unfamiliar place, it is usually best (and more comforting) to stick with the same decorations from your old house and to put them in approximately the same area. 
Remember, there will be plenty of time to change things around later, once the new house has started to feel like your home! Go easy on yourself! 

#2. Friends, Family, and Pets

All three of these words have one thing in common-- LIFE.
Human beings are social creatures by nature. You need to interact with other people (and even animals) to increase your happiness and decrease your stress-- which is even more critical during a massive life change, such as moving.

If you live alone and you’re having a hard time making an empty house feel homey, try inviting your new friends over to see the new place. 

If you’re in a new neighbourhood where you don’t know many people, you can even invite some of your new neighbours over too! 

This gives you a chance to have life and noise in your new home (always key to a homey feel), and lets you establish friendships in your new community.
If you’re an introvert and the thought of approaching neighbours you barely know makes you anxious, you can always bring life into your house by getting a pet (if allowed of course and you can allow the time needed for a pet)! Cats, dogs, birds, fish – the list is endless! You may laugh at this, but pets are great company! 

#3. Clean and Green

“Outer order contributes to inner calm.” -Gretchen Rubin

What does this quote have to do with making your new space feel homey? 

Most people can feel stressed and out of sorts when they have moved just because their surrounding area is messy and disorganised. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the craziness of moving and end up living amidst partially unpacked boxes and general disorder for days, weeks, or even months! I've been there I write from experience. 



Your new house will never feel like a home until it’s clean and organised. So vacuum your carpets of any debris, scrub your kitchen and bathrooms, and get those boxes unpacked! Once you start cleaning your house, you’ll feel more energetic, and your home will begin to feel homier.

It’s also recommended to have some green plants in your home. It doesn’t matter what kind, and you can put them anywhere-- even on your terrace or balcony. Water them daily and spend some time near them in the morning to enjoy their health benefits. 

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