5 Top Tips For Avoiding Stress When Relocating

Relocating to a new place can be stressful. You might even have spent all of your life at your old house, and now you feel sad about suddenly living in a brand new place. Whatever the circumstances of your move, relocating doesn’t have to be a difficult, stressful time.

Here are the top 5 tips to help you avoid stress.

#1. Realisation

When it’s time to relocate, the most important aspect of your journey is realization.

You have to come to terms with the fact that life is not meant to stay in one place. Change is a necessary and wonderful part of life, and it helps you grow.

When you first came to the town or the neighborhood that you’re now leaving, you had to make it a home. You met people and forged friendships and made memories with those friends. Try to recognize that now you’re simply travelling to a new place where new friends and new memories are waiting for you.

#2. Getting Professional Help

Moving houses is not an easy task. On top of all of the emotional turmoil you might be feeling, you have the huge, overwhelming job of moving everything you own from one house to another. This, on its own, can be stressful. You have to pack all of your belongings into boxes, you have to lift heavy furniture (that could easily be damaged if you’re not careful), and you might even have to make multiple trips between your old house and your new house if you don’t have enough space for everything.

Getting professional moving help to relocate your belongings is the easiest way to minimize your stress. Before making the final deal, ask the mover for the estimated cost and then compare that quote with 2-3 other professionals to make sure you’re getting the best price. If you really don’t want to pay professional movers, you can always invite your friends and family over to help you out.

#3. New Opportunities

Understand that moving to a new place will be a challenge, but it will also be full of new opportunities. Try to look at it as a chance to make new friends and try new things. Become involved in your new community as soon as possible, making friends and finding people with similar interests.

If you don’t know where to start, you can participate in a number of activities in your area to find out what you like and meet other people who like the same things. If your school or nearby park has a volleyball team, join it! If a workshop or class is taking place, sign up for it! Having new experiences will not only help you meet people, but it will also help you learn more about yourself.


#4. Comfort Zones

Moving to a new place is not an end-- it’s a new beginning! Try to relax and know that very soon you will settle in and feel stable. Naturally, in the beginning, you will feel a bit awkward and unsure, but that feeling can be reduced by getting out of your comfort zones. Try some new things and meet some new people!

Of course, if you’re really having a hard time with moving, it’s also okay to turn to the things that comfort you. Go to friends that you trust and ask them to spend some time with you. Play with your pet, or read your favorite books. Watch your favorite movies or TV shows if you’re feeling lonely and uncertain. Pen down your thoughts, or call someone close to you and share your experiences.

After a while, when you read your diary or talk to the person you confided in during this stressful time, if will feel good to look back and realize that you’re past that now. You’ll be able to look at this moving time with some perspective and realize that, even though you were stressed or sad, everything turned out just fine.

#5. New Routine

Always remember that it’s easier to change smaller things in your life when something big is also changing. Moving is the perfect time to establish a new, healthier routine! Maybe in your old house you had fallen into a stifling routine of going to school or work and then coming back home just to sit on the couch and watch TV. Now is the time to mix things up! Try going for a long walk or cooking a nice dinner when you get home from your day. If there’s a class you’ve been wanting to take or a new hobby you’ve been wanting to try, now is the time!



It’s also a great time to set some new short-term goals for yourself. Give yourself the ultimate target of balance. Start reading books, meet new people, learn a new language, invest in relationships, have fun with friends and families, get a pet – make your life interesting by exploring new possibilities in your new home!

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