Top 3 personality traits/skills needed for a smooth relocation

Now, I know we can’t change our personality type, (although that would be nice sometimes!) however, if you are planning a relocation you might want to look at ensuring you have packed these 3 personality traits/skills into your suitcase! 



#1. Patience

Firstly, you need to be patient and allow yourself enough time to settle. Everyone "settles" at a different pace and the need to exercise your patience is right up there at the top of the list! 


Re-adjusting and making a new home, feel like home, can take time and you need to develop your ability to handle timelines! It's not a race, you just have to be heading in the right direction! 


We often want everything yesterday, but from my experiences and from discussions with my clients, that feeling of "belonging" does not come overnight. Establishing a new routine, developing a new social network and navigating your way around your new surroundings will take time. So hold back on giving yourself a hard time and remember you are on the right way to a successful integration into your new location! 


You may be moving to a completely new area, which has a different pace of life, both in the personal and business field. Now you're going to need that bag of patience again as things might not get completed in the timeframes that you are used to.

#2. Ability to adapt

Relocating can be somewhat of a smoother experience if you are resilient and have the ability to adapt to new conditions/changes in a positive way. Take all the changes in your stride. Can you bounce back after a substantial change in your living conditions?

I believe that having the ability to adapt and bounce back from change is a must for relocating. A good example can be handling a change in the climate - the weather may be different in your new location to where you have been living prior to the move.

I personally moved from the UK to Qatar, Middle East. Living in the Middle East brings the huge challenge of adapting to the rise in temperature. I had to learn and adapt to the strong heat. I have worked with many client's who have transitioned to colder climates, that also can take time to adjust. I help my clients develop the mindset, that there are some factors of relocating that you change and some that are not in your control. The climate is not in your control, you do have to adapt accordingly. 



#3. Flexibility

Flexibility is a key personality trait/skill required for a successful relocation, Your comfort zone and the routine that you have been familar with, is now in the past and you're now left in the uncertainty field, having to start all over again! You can take this change as a brand new opportunity and be flexible in developing a new routine and adjusting to the change accordingly, rather than dwelling on the negative aspects of feeling that you have lost everything during the transition.

I work with clients to focus on developing and maintaining a positive mindset; embrace the changes with flexibility, openness and an focusing on the excellent opportunity ahead for a fresh start. 




These traits and skills, can all be built upon as part of your personality development plan during the relocation transition. During my coaching sessions, I will help you to embrace these skills and traits. As a Relocation Coach, I am passionate about making your transition as smooth as possible and that includes using these skills, and many others. I am here to keep you on the right track  looking forward! 

What do you think are the personality traits and skills needed for a successful relocation? 

I would love to assist you on your relocation journey. 

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