How brisk walking helps boost my positivity and creativity? 

Walking has increased my positivity and creativity in so many ways that I wanted to write a blog about it, to share with you all the benefits it can bring to your life.

I hope this makes you dust of your trainers and head outdoors!

I started taking brisk walks for exercise when I was living in Qatar. I know, can you imagine how crazy I am, starting an outdoor walking exercise regime in the Middle Eastern heat?! It was one of the best things I have ever started.

Unfortunately, too many Friday brunches of nonstop champagne had indeed made me put on a few extra pounds in the first few months. 


I decided enough was enough and it was time to take control of my life and exercise.

I was never one for sports; I found brisk walking was perfect for me. 


I bought my first walking tracker, a Fitbit, to count my steps many years ago. I was hooked and loved the motivation it gave me! I looked forward to my Friday morning walks on the corniche where I could do some serious “stepping.” 



It was incredible having a goal of 10,000 steps to work towards each day. It encouraged me, and if I finished the day on 8000 steps I would make sure I did another short walk to ensure I hit my goal of 10,000!! It was very addictive, luckily in a good way!

Not only that, but it was improving my overall fitness and helped me shed some of the extra pounds of “Doha weight.”

I was smashing the recommended record of 30 minutes brisk walking a day.


Life has moved on from living in Qatar, and I am residing in Australia now, with a new baby. I wanted to advance my daily steps even further and start shedding some of my “baby weight.” I love nothing more than walking with Dylan in his pram, he is happy, and I am feeling energized, alert and ready to take on the world.

Personally, I have found that getting outdoors, and enjoying the fresh air helps my thought process. I am a lover of walking outside, rather than on a treadmill. I prefer to look at the trees, the cars passing by, the sky, anything, rather than a blank wall when on the treadmill.

Starting my own business, juggling motherhood and managing a house/husband is stressful. Walking is my time I relax, often listen to an audiobook and exercise altogether, bonus! I have had so many good business ideas when walking. I do my best thinking at this time.  



I do make sure I walk with friends at times as I find it easy to walk and talk! If you have such a busy life and time management is an issue (like me), then you will know it’s not always possible to schedule time for the gym! Even financially, gym memberships can be high, so in my eyes, brisk walking is a good substitute. It comes with the bonus of being free! 

In my opinion, start out by buying a step tracker and set yourself a step goal; it does not have to be crazy high. Set an amount of steps that are achievable for you. Listening to positive music while walking can help give you that extra motivation! Enjoy the positives that walking can bring to your life. 

Does brist walking boost your positivity?

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