New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.
— Lao Tzu

So be honest with me here, does any of this sound familiar?

You know your decision to move to a new country or city is a smart move. It’s the way for your family and you to grow. And everybody’s tapping your shoulder for being brave enough to make it. Excited and happy for you, they ask: “Are you getting ready?”

But every time you think about creating a to-do list to help you organise everything about the move you freeze. You can’t believe you’re leaving your beloved family and friends behind and even though you’ve dedicated time to get to know your new location, the hugeness of all the unknown you’re about to face overwhelms you.

So you keep putting the planning job off. “Tomorrow,” you say, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Or maybe you have moved, your stuff, your family, your body, however, you are feeling stuck between your "old" home and your new residence. 

If your emotions are overwhelming and you can't seem to enjoy the adventure of relocation, not even a bit, maybe it's time to consider hiring someone like me.



Here's a little bit about me......

I’m Kate Reynolds, and I am from Yorkshire in the UK. Oh yes, sure have a lovely strong accent as you will be able to tell in my videos!  

I am currently living “down under” in Australia, and before this I spent many years sweltering in the Middle East, working in Qatar. I worked for a large multicultural organisation in Qatar. The experience of working and associating with individuals from various religions and societies has been a highlight of my life.

My own relocation experiences have all been challenging yet rewarding. I have always continued to have a positive, adventurous mindset, and it has helped me settle quickly into my new environments.  

My ultimate aim, and why I started my business as a Relocation Coach, is to help other courageous women, plan and re-establish their lives when they have moved to a brand new location, interstate or an international move. 

You're still starting your life again! 

I am natural born organiser and I have a inspiring positive energy about me. I thrive on bringing out the best in people!


As well as my practical experience of relocating many times, I hold a degree and many professional qualifications including my life coaching diploma. I am a Certified Cyber Therapist where I trained with the Online Therapy Institute. In addition to these qualifications, I am an NLP Practitioner. I am honoured to be apart of the Expat Coach Association. 

I wanted to add that last year I had my first baby while living as an expat in Australia, away from my family and friends who were back in the UK. My pregnancy, unfortunately, was complicated! Luckily, my son was born perfectly well, but it was a hard, emotional and sometimes lonely pregnancy. It was one of the most significant challenges I have faced so far in my life, and I do hope that my experience can also help others. 



So don't waste your time spinning circles!

Let's have a virtual cuppa together! 


I think of myself as an all-rounder and class myself as a life coach, mentor and an awareness trainer.

As such, your wellbeing is my no. 1 priority. I chose this profession because I am passionate about helping people to reach their full potential. So if for whatever reason and at any moment of our cooperation I estimate you need more in-depth help than I can offer I will refer you to the relevant sources.  I am not acting in the capacity of a trained therapist, counsellor or psychologist

Please feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions.


We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths!
— Walt Disney