Hi, I'm Kate, your Relocation Coach, here to save you time and ease your move.

I HEAR YOU when you are saying relocating can be over the head stressful.

Your reactions, fears and confusion are all normal.

And, you're probably feeling lost and isolated in a new city, country or even a continent isn’t surprising either.

The life you knew and felt comfortable with is now gone and starting over is scary.

I'm someone who has moved many times and made overseas feel like home multiple times, and I promise you - it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

And it’s unnecessary for months, even years to go by while you figure everything out.

So how I can help YOU? Time for some good news! 

I'm a life coach with a difference; I coach courageous women to create the life they want when they are planning a move, just moved or beyond.

You might be moving across the world, across the country, or across the city, I can help. Moving presents the opportunity for a fresh start and I'm here to help you put your dreams into reality. 

You will have my undivided attention and non-judgemental emotional support throughout your transition of relocating.

I will ask you questions laser-focused on helping you gain clarity about where you are and where you want to be in your life.

Then, I will guide you on your journey, supporting you every step of the way into creating the life that you deserve.

I will introduce you to simple strategies to help you find your place again and start falling in love with your new life!

Let me tell you; I will save you so much time! No more struggling alone. 


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“ Whoa, wait a minute,” I hear you say, “what qualifies you (of all people) to guide and coach me through my issues?”

I'm a UK citizen who has moved many times, both internationally and domestically.

I'm currently living in Australia. I have plenty of relocating experience both international and domestic moves to share your way. 

I am educated to degree level and hold a BA Honours in Business Studies. I am a Certified Life Coach, and currently progressing towards my ACC member status with the International Coaching Federation. I hold additional qualifications as a Cyber Therapist and an NLP Practitioner. I am a member of the Expat Coach Association. 

Above all, I am passionate about inspiring, motivating and supporting people who relocate, like you!  

Don't be alone, even if you're away from home! 

Contact me today for your FREE 30 Minute Discovery Coaching Call.

Totally FREE and no strings attached!  

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Kate Reynolds Expat Life Coach
There is a difference between living and living well. You can’t have it all, all by yourself. Something is always missing ‘til you share it with someone else. There is a difference in living and living well
— George Strait